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Wayside House, Inc. was founded in 1974 by Dr. Susan B. Anthony, great niece of the women’s rights advocate of the same name, and Phyllis Michelfelder. As women in recovery, these two pioneers recognized the need for a safe and supportive haven for women who were grappling with alcohol and drug addiction. The two women rallied support from other dedicated women, many themselves in recovery, and raised $1,000 to purchase a white frame cottage in Delray Beach. It became Wayside House and admitted its first residential client in 1975. Today, while the original cottage remains the core of the facility, Wayside has expanded in scope and size and includes a variety of unparalleled services and programming for women 18 and older seeking recovery from problematic substance use.

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Success Stories

Every woman in recovery has a unique story. What all have in common is the determination they have to gain and maintain sobriety. Their stories are inspirational to all who have and are facing similar demons. Wayside House is proud to have been part of their recovery.

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Siblings of Addicts – The Invisible Victims

When there’s an addict in the family, attention turns to its effects on parents, often leaving siblings to suffer in silence. Siblings are often pushed into the background while anxious parents focus their time, their emotions and their finances on getting help for the addicted child. If the addicted child succumbs to the disease of addiction, that sibling invisibility can become even more so.

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10 Positive Mantras To Get You Started In Sobriety

Trying new things can be so intimidating. We are comfortable in our way of life. As addicts, we need completely new results. You cannot get different results by doing the same thing over and over again. We must seek help in learning new ways to cope with our demons. Becoming a sober member of society takes a series of moment-to-moment choices that are scary, but worth it in the end.

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Stay Connected With Our Alumni Program

At Wayside House, we love to stay connected with our program graduates, which is why we offer those who have completed our residential and intensive outpatient programs the opportunity to become a member of our women’s alumni program.

Being a part of a women’s drug and alcohol alumni program allows women who have left treatment to remain in touch with other Wayside House graduates via monthly meetings, outings and other activities.

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